Planting Trees..

Each time you buy a watch, we donate a portion of the sale to The Plant a Tree Today Foundation. This fantastic charity spend lots of time planting trees in various locations around the world that are in desperate need of reforestation. Lots of work has already been completed in both Thailand and Indonesia with the help of schoolchildren, locals and volunteers.

In 2019, planting will also begin at 3 separate locations in Hull, UK. This will be a specific project to aid reforestation in these areas, under the project name ‘One Hull of a Rainforest’.

These areas are all in desperate need of new trees and together with this excellent charity, we want to make the future brighter and better for future generations. 

The PATT foundation have planted nearly 1 million trees over a 10 year period and we desperately want to help them to reach that impressive milestone. Your purchase today will help us towards that goal. 

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