The Grass Watch
The Grass Watch
The Grass Watch
The Grass Watch
The Grass Watch

The Grass Watch

Regular price £110.00

The Grass watch is a stunning timepiece crafted from premium walnut wood. Its black metallic face and eco-green accents create a modern and sophisticated look. With a Citizen Minolta 215 movement, this watch is not only fashionable but also highly accurate and reliable.

The natural beauty of the walnut wood combined with the sleek design elements make the Grass watch a unique and versatile accessory that is perfect for any outfit and for those who want to show their commitment to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.


The Specifications

Dial size - 34mm

Casing size - 45mm

Strap length - 176mm

Citizen Minolta 215 Movement

12 month warranty included

Complete with solid wood storage box and hand-stitched pillow

Free UK package and postage


You buy a watch & we plant a tree 🌲 

In partnership with the PATT Foundation


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