Q) Does my watch come with a warranty?

A) Yes, it is protected with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. This protects against failure of all mechanical parts pertaining to the mechanism and inner workings of the timepiece, up to and including the watch movement, dial structure, crown, hands and all button functions.

What the warranty does not cover:

This part is explicit in it’s terms.

  • It does not include replacement batteries, as these are a consumable item and expected to deplete over time.
  • Any mechanical breakage or cosmetic damage to the watch casing, bezel, sapphire crystal glass, strap or link structure as a result of being worn. As with any item of jewellery or clothing, maintaining the integrity of these parts is entirely the responsibility of the wearer.

  • It also does not cover damage done by improper handling or lack of care and any degradation as a result of fair wear and tear. 

  • In cases where a small, relatively inexpensive consumable part is required, such as a replacement link, we will always try our best to accommodate your needs. We do try to be as fair as possible!

Q) Is my watch waterproof?

A) Your watch is made using the highest grade of materials possible and even though they have good seals around the dial and the back plate, they cannot be waterproof due to the general properties of wood. It will however take a light shower. A few spots of rain won't harm it. 
If you regularly treat the wood with oil from our Care Pack it will also remain sealed and in optimum condition.

Q) I've broken something and it is my fault. Can it be fixed?

A) We want you to love your watch and we also believe wholeheartedly in the products and the concepts that they support. The bottom line is that we want you to be more than happy, so we will always try and fix a watch for you, but there will undoubtedly be a small, yet reasonable cost involved. 

Q) How long will it take for my watch to arrive?

A) Our delivery team post any purchases made with a 7 day period, every Wednesday, ever week. Please allow 3-5 working days from our Wednesday postage day.

Q) Will you post my watch internationally?

A) Yes, we have a fixed fee of £12 for international shipping. Please allow 15-18 days for international postage.

Q) Are the watches unisex? 

A) The range of watches we currently make have a large dial which is synonymous with men’s watches. However, lots of our watches are sold to ladies who like a watch with a larger watch face.
We offer watches specifically designed for women in our Ladies Collection.

Q) How long do I have to return a watch if I have changed my mind?

A) You have 28 days from day of purchase to return it. However, please note that we cannot return or exchange any watch that has been personalised with engraving unless it has a specific mechanical fault.

Q) Are all of your watches Vegan friendly?

A) A majority of our range is Vegan friendly, however, we also sell watches with leather and suede straps. Our Vegan friendly ranges include:

  • The Signature Collection
  • The Classic Collection
  • Our Limited Edition watches
  • The Chronograph Collections: both The Regis Edition and The Forest Edition
  • The Ladies Collection (*Not including the Ladies Simplicity Collection)

Q) Where are the trees planted and by whom?

A) We have partnered with the Plant A Tree Today (PATT) Foundation. This fantastic charity plant trees in areas where deforestation threatens to have a devastating affect on climate change. Each time a watch is sold, we cover the exact cost of planting one tree. We donate a sum of these costs on a monthly basis to the charity, depending on how many watches are sold per month.

Q) Can I purchase extra watch links to change the size of my watch?

A) Yes, please contact us with which model you have, how many links you require and the address you would like us to post it to.

Q) Can I purchase more oil to treat the watch?

A) We will happily sell you another Care Pack, however, we suggest that any good quality oil, such as linseed oil, rapeseed oil or fragrant oil such as orange/lemon extract oil, will do a fine job of treating the watch and bringing out the beauty of the wood.